A Stable For An Inn

December 22, 2013

my hope Christmas


And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born. She gave birth to her first child, a son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.

~Luke 2:6-7, NLT


Never could there be a being more approachable than Christ.

~Charles H. Spurgeon


Bethlehem was about four miles Southeast of Herod’s elaborate palace yet it was by design that Jesus was born in a tiny village stable, not a palace, not even the common caravanserai [Courtyard Inn]. Had Christ been born in a palace the shepherds would have been excluded. A palace has guards and there is a protocol that must be met; no common person could enter a kings palace at will. There were no guards at the stable. The humble shepherds were able to walk right into the presence of the Christ child. So if you desire to come to Christ, you may come just as you are and you may come now. Whoever has the desire to enter the presence of Christ is free to do so. The little kings of this world, the Caesars and the Herods may exclude us but the KING of kings has not and this is the heart of the gospel.


I am excited about today–looking forward to preaching the gospel of Christ: what a privilege, thank You Jesus! I thought I had posted the results of the test but if I have not, my problems have stemmed from a series of ulcers, most of them in the stomach but a couple in the colon. I will be honest will you, I am thrilled to have ulcers. I think both doctors were worried about more severe things and so was I. I started my medication on Thursday and I see a little improvement already. Breakfast is my best meal and I really enjoyed my Sunday School party at Cracker Barrel yesterday morning. I wish I could talk them into doing the CB thing once a month, especially through the Winter.

I am not a Duck Dynasty fan but I am in full support of Phil t views on biblical marriage and the sin of sexual perversion. I am sick and tired of political correctness. Lord willing, I will be giving some prime examples in the message today. This nation was founded on Christian principles and for over 200 years, traditional values were upheld. I have no use for the major TV networks and I certainly have no respect for A & E which has very little ART and not much ENTERTAINMENT. The entertainment industry does not fight our wars. They do not police our streets, rescue the distressed or put out fires. They don’t pay the majority of the taxes but they want to tell the rest of us how to live. If we exiled them all to Cuba, we wouldn’t miss them because they make no viable contributions to our society. Cracker Barrel took an immediate stand: they have ban all A&E Duck Dynasty products so as not to support A&E and they have endorsed Duck Commando products so they can support the Robertson family without supporting A&E. Visit your local Cracker Barrel and keep eating those Cick-Fil-A’s. It is high time we teach these liberals a lesson. I hope the Robertson’s tell A&E to take a hike and then I hope FOX picks them up. I heard one of the media talking heads say yesterday that only 40% of the American people favor biblical marriage. First of all, I think they are lying but even if they aren’t, that 40% is carrying this country on their back and we are getting no help from Obama or the democrats. I never followed the Robertson’s but if they move to a new network, I commit to watch some!


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