An Astonishing Story

December 9, 2013


my hope Christmas


All who heard the shepherds’ story were astonished.

Luke 2:18, NLT


 The lowly shepherds in the fields understood more of the first Christmas than the high priests in Jerusalem. And it is the same today.

~Thomas Merton


Jerusalem is just 6 miles from Bethlehem and Herod’s palace only 4. Herod’s palace was the most modern facility in the country with indoor plumbing, hot water, toilet facilities, it was the most lavish palace in that part of the world. Jesus is born four miles down the road in a stable. Most astounding is that the Angels revealed the news of Jesus birth, not to the Jewish religious leaders in Jerusalem but to the lowly and despised shepherds who in all likelihood were not all adult men. Shepherds in the ancient eastern culture were young people, even kids and girls as well as boys. Why was Jesus born in a stable when there was a palace just four miles down the road. Why did the angels reveal the news to the shepherds when the Priest and Scribes were six miles away? The nativity story reeks with humility. An humble king must have an humble beginning. The angels shared the good news with the despised and rejected. The shepherds were not educated theologians but they were faithful to share the amazing story. It remains an astonishing story that we need to share with the same excitement and enthusiasm as the shepherds.


Praise the LORD, another incredible day: nothing to say other than God is faithful and He is good. Early Saturday morning, I wondered if I would be able to preach at all and as it turned out, I felt great. I think the shots and the medication kept me awake most of the night but I felt find. I forgot to mention it, but yesterday was Mavis Fitzgerald’s 89th birthday. Mrs. Jewel has one coming up on the 12th and she will be 39, that is 93 inverted. We had a house full for WEE CARE Christmas yesterday, we always do. I forgot my phone or camera. It was a beautiful sight; the stage was covered with pre-school kids.


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