Responsibility Verses Rights

December 4, 2013

my hope Christmas


“How should you punish a man who steals a bull or a sheep? If the man kills the animal or sells it, then he cannot give it back. So he must pay five bulls for the one he stole. Or he must pay four sheep for the one he stole. He must pay for stealing.

~Exodus 22:1, ERV


The most important thought that ever occupied my mind is that of my individual responsibility to God.

~Daniel Webster


Our founding fathers were very concerned with individual liberties and civil rights but they also saw the balance between rights and responsibility. We have gone to seed on rights and totally abandoned responsibility. Irresponsible people cannot not handle liberty. Restitution has been taken out of our law code and this was a mistake. We would do well to return to the law of Moses. According to Mosaic Law, a thief breaking in at night could be killed without judicial recourse. The thief had no right to life by virtue of the choice he made. If he was caught in the act or apprehended later; he had to restore what he had taken: in some cases, five-fold but in any type of thief he had to restore two-fold. If he stole one cow, he had to pay back two. But what if he had already slaughtered or sold the cow and had nothing of which to make restitution: then he was sold into slavery and the money was given to the person he robbed. The thief loses his freedom and the person who suffered the loss is repaid. Our present system puts all the emphasis on rights and none of responsibility, the victim [one who is robbed] pays twice [two-fold]. [1] First we suffer the loss from the theft and then  [2] We have to pay taxes to support the thief when and if he/she is caught and convicted which is as rare. We lose our property but the thief does not lose his rights. In this case, the law of Moses is superior to our law.


Great weather: Jesus is good, amen! If He were to stop giving to us this moment, we have already received far more than we deserve. Keep praying for those who are hurting. Senior Adult Christmas Party this Friday at 9:30. The fruit is in and June baked 16 cakes yesterday. Super tonight but don’t call after 10:00 am unless you want a hamburger. As warm as it is, we will probably have ice cream again tonight.



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