Thank God For The Fleas

November 28, 2013



It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD.

~Psalms 92:1,AV


The delight is incomplete till it is expressed.

~C.S. Lewis


Corrie tin Boom was a Dutch Christian who worked with her father and sisters in saving the Jews from the Nazis. She and her sister Betsie were sent the Ravensbrück death camp where Betsie was promoted in 1944. Corrie was the only healthy member of the family other than her daddy who was probably killed by the Nazis. The barracks that they put Corrie and Betsie in was infested with fleas and Corrie complained incessantly. Betsie would reprimand her, “The bible says to give thanks in all things Corrie,” but Corrie was reluctant. Finally, Betsie’s persistence ruled the day and Corrie prayed, “Thank You God for the fleas.”  Through out Corrie incarceration, she was able to conduct a bible study in the back of the barracks with a little New Testament that she had slipped in. The guard never came back to see what the ladies were doing. After the war was over, Corrie began speaking in Churches throughout Germany and eventually, all over the world. On one of her speaking engagements, she met one of the prison guards so she asks, “Why did the guards never come into the barracks and break up our bible study?” Instantly he replied, “Because of the fleas.” Have you given thanks for your fleas?


Thanksgiving 2013, unbelievable! One month left in the year, wow! I do hope you have a great thanksgiving. Our little Chloe bug is sick but Seth is getting well and he is not in Paris Island and for that we give thanks. God has been good to the Bailey’s. It is only by His mercy that we have not been consumed. Can I get an amen?

Continue to pray for Dana, Sandra and Jimmy Segars. I talked to Sandra about 2:00 yesterday and things were going as well as could be expected. They have began the process of waking her up and they are going to try to remove the NG tube today. Sandra has some health issues herself and I have been afraid that the stress and strain would get her down but she sounded good on the phone but I want you to pray for her and Jimmy. Gary and Rhonda are going down today and I’ll be going back tomorrow LORD willing.

A special Thanksgiving event “The Cross” at 10 pm on @FoxNews, featuring Billy Graham’s message to America.

Happy Thanksgiving From the Office Crew

Happy Thanksgiving From the Office Crew


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