November 27, 2013



I will praise the name of God with song and magnify Him with thanksgiving.

~Psalms 69:30, NASB


Pride slays thanksgiving.

~H. W. Beecher


When something bad happens to us; we look to God and ask “Why me?” When something good happens, we assume it was earned and take it for granted. Ungrateful people magnify their problems; grateful people magnify God by giving thanks in spite of their problems. Everyone has problems and that includes the thankful and the unthankful. Our problems are not the problem; our problem is our perspective. Magnify the LORD Jesus with thanksgiving. Make Him a greater part of your thought and conversation than your problems.


  • Dana Segars procedure went OK but the doctors did not get the result that they had hoped for. Dana remains in critical condition and Jimmy and Sandra need your prayer support. “Lift them up.” They have had a tough week.
  • Charlie Thompson was walking yesterday. He is doing better.
  • Remember, no mid-week services tonight but we do have our THANKSGIVING DAY PRAISE AND WORSHIP in the morning at 9:30, Sausage and biscuits at 9:00



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