November 21, 2013


And as to the land which You gave to our fathers to eat of its fruit and its bounty, behold, we are slaves in it.  Its abundant produce is for the kings whom You have set over us because of our sins; They also rule over our bodies {Health Care} and over our cattle as they please, so we are in great distress.

~Nehemiah 9:36-37, NASB


Immorality and freedom don’t mix: this is why we have prisons. The only free people are a moral people.



I heard some democrats whining the other day about what’s happening to their health care and I laughed at them. I thought, “You voted for him and you are getting just what you deserve.” There is only one way that a person like Obama could be elected president, moral blindness on the part of the electorate. The American people have become so depraved and corrupt morally that we don’t see clearly. Instead of giving thanks to God for our great Republic, we have acted proudly and treated God as if He does not exist. We have invited Him to leave our class rooms and court rooms and refuse to acknowledge His presence, providence or provisions in the public arena. He has done to us what He did to Israel: given us over to our sin. Don’t blame God for inflation, higher taxes, rising health care cost, fraud and corruption in government. We created this bureaucratic monster that is devouring our freedom and our pay checks. It is all our creation, a product of our sin and selfishness. The sad thing is that the people of Alabama didn’t elect him but we are stuck with his destructive policies. I vote for succession. I am also sick of political correctness. Kathy Lee Gifford gave a MY HOPE testimony the other day and never mentioned Jesus name. She yielded to the pressure of political correctness.


A Wednesday night baptism, PTL. I could live with a baptism every service, amen! Jimmy and Sandra’s daughter Dana is having surgery today at UAB. Pray for me, I need to be in three places and can only be in one so I don’t know where I’m going.




One Response to “Slavery”

  1. Steve Says:

    Amen, brother Jack, it’s not our fault but now we will have to deal with it.

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