There Is Coming A Day

November 20, 2013


To the kind Thou provest kind, to the true Thou provest true, to the pure Thou provest pure and to the treacherous Thou provest treacherous: the humble Thou wilt raise, the haughty Thou will mark and abase.

II Samuel 22:28, Moffatt


Be sure your sins will find you out.



Sin by its very nature is deceptive. When Eve bit into the fruit, her first thought very well may have been, “It did not kill me and God said it would“. Truth is, it was fatal because it initiated the process of death. She died spiritually the instant she ate but the other aspects of death including the physical were progressive. The moment she tasted of the fruit, her days were numbered. She was marked for death: her day was coming. It may have taken some time for the truth to set in but I am willing to wager that she was beginning to understand when she stood over the grave of Abel. Do you suppose the thought ran through her mind as she stood at grave side, “The LORD warned us that sin would bring death but we didn’t listen.” A cigarette will not kill you instantly but it will kill. Don’t be deceived by sin, it will find us out: maybe not today or tomorrow but our day is coming. Every road leads to judgment for the believer or unbeliever. We have to give an account to God if we reject His Son and we have to give an account to His Son for our stewardship.


Supper tonight at 5:30 and we will have more tables and chairs sat up: we are facing a good problem. LORD willing we will do something tonight that I don’t think we have done before, have a baptism. Cheyenne is going to be baptized tonight at 6:15. The GATHERING will be cut short tonight due to the choir needing extra time to practice.

Charlie Thompson {Peggy’s brother} came through surgery well yesterday. He is at St. Vincent’s in B’ham. My neighbor Steve Terry has cataract surgery today. Mary said Ray did not have a great day yesterday but is still scheduled to come home Friday.

We have plenty of projects if you want to get involved in ministry: we have three handicap rams to put in and one I hope to get in on Friday. I know Felton and Don don’t read the blog so Gregg if you see them, tell them to call me. Jerry and Daryl probably don’t read it either but I’m going to give this shot–we need them to move the ramp from the Taylor’s. They can do it when they come in from Deer hunting on Thursday. If this works, I am going to quit making phone calls. I don’t make many as it is. While I’m at it, I will be working on the baptistery this morning. We have a major leak. If you are better at plumbing than I and your off, come fire me and do it right. If you want help with yards on Saturday, see Joe David. We are going to try to put in one ramp Friday and we have some wood to cut and haul. Pick your poison!

Big L, Big Fan of Andre and Allen

Big L, Big Fan of Andre and Allen


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