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November 11, 2013

MY HOPE Youth Party

MY HOPE Youth Party


Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

~Romans 12:10


In War there are no unwounded soldiers.

~Jose Narosky


Charles L. Allen, author of God’s Psychiatry, tells a very moving story in his book All Things Are Possible Through Prayer. He was invited to speak to 2,500 veterans. They were in an institution much like some of the homes that have three levels of care: unassisted, assisted and total care. He did not get to speak to all 2,500 at one time but he did get to address all of them either in groups on over the intercom. The head master of the institution briefed him before he spoke and this is what he said: “Don’t mention family or home, they have neither. Most of them do not have one visitor per year and then it’s not family, usually a care group from some organization. Try not to mention a bright future or a new tomorrow because they don’t have one.” Then he points out the window to the grave yard on the hill, “See those white crosses. This will be their next stop and not one soul will attend their funeral because all of them have been forgotten.”

I need to tell you that this is an old book, published over 40 years ago but I am afraid the same thing is happening today. When I read the story, I thought how lonesome it must make a person feel to be forgotten, then add to that pain the fact that these men risk their lives for our country. What a shameful way to treat our heroes. It sickens me that we go ape over endangered species and flakey civil rights groups while we do so little for our veterans.


First of all I want to wish all our veterans a happy Veteran’s Day. I also want to praise the LORD for his goodness. Brent Anders was baptized yesterday and we have more coming this Sunday. Our MY HOPE testimony service went well last night and then our Youth Party went great also. We didn’t have as many new folks as I was hoping for but we did have 56 in attendance which I though was good. As one of the youth explained during testimony, it is a process. Two of our kids basically said, “The Wednesday night supper was the hook that got them coming.” One of our high school coaches is the one who invited them and paid for their supper. All the testimonies were good and Joe David was the oldest person to testify. It has been a good week. THANK YOU JESUS! [Photos by Beth Wauford and Tracey Callahan]

Brent Anders

Brent Anders

Felton and Nayola Cooper celebrated 50 years of matrimonial bliss yesterday. A tea was hosted in their honor yesterday at the parlor of Danville Baptist Church. The tea was hosted by their daughter Sheila Blaxton and a host of DBC women. We think a lot of Felton and Nayola who are very faithful to the church.

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary


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