God’s Psychiatry

November 5, 2013

Pray For MY HOPE

Pray For MY HOPE


He restores my soul.

~Psalm 23:3, NKJV


“My soul is restless until it finds rest in Thee, O God.”



The word psychiatry is a compound word. It comes from two Greek words–psyche which means ‘soul’ and  iatreia which means treatment, healing or restoration. David uses both words in Psalm 23:3 when he says, “The LORD restores my soul.”  David proclaims the LORD as the healer of the mind. Charles Allen said, “The mind that thinks error is a sick mind.” If Allen is correct, we have a lot of sick minds. If you think killing a baby is OK, you have a sick mind. If you think two men living together is OK, you have a sick mind. One thing is certain, only Jesus can heal the mind. He is the Restorer of the soul.

You may find an example on YouTube. Kirsten Powers is a Fox News analysis who was recently converted from atheism to Christianity. Christ has changed the way she thinks. 

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Great service last night and better attendance [211]. I’ve never heard Wade preach a bad sermon but last night was great. I loved it! I had a down day yesterday, a spirit of depression settled in on me like a dark cloud. I think we were all struggling in our pre-service prayer meeting and then the LORD lifted our spirits in the service. David and the guys are doing an outstanding job. That last song we did really put icing on the cake. David, Sloan and Brian will be singing tonight: I love it when they sing together. Tyler Beck said he would sing a special for us Sunday. The YOUTH will do their part tonight: adults, we are the ones who have our work cut out for us. We still have a lot of members that are not showing up. Keep praying and keep inviting. Prayer for MY HOPE. I got a chance to share with a good friend yesterday because of MY HOPE. I lack two chapters finishing Dr. Grahams latest book which is the only book of his that I have read. It is a great evangelistic tool. Chapter one will get them hooked: story after story and chapter five gets into apologetics.

neil gilliesA special thanks to Neil Gillies for fixing the Church Ice Machine. Neil is a genius. Tracey did well. I keep forgetting to mention that our steeple lights, the top of the sign lights are not working. We have a shortage in the steeple lights. I think it happened when they put the metal roof on. Also: Ken, Jason or Neil, we need a new timer on the parking lot lights. Remind me Sunday and I will show you were the timer is located. I pulled Ken aside on Sunday and then couldn’t remember what it was that I needed but it is the above electrical problems. If some one feels a burst of energy, we need new bulbs in the FORTE foyer and front porch. I replaced the ones on the cross walk yesterday.


One Response to “God’s Psychiatry”

  1. Amy Garnett Says:

    That depression you felt yesterday? It’s the stinking time change, I’m telling you! It happens to me every year.

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