November 3, 2013

revival banner


And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

~Hebrews 10:25, NLT


Everyone needs people who believe in them.

~Ronnie Floyd [Bible Studies For Life, page 107]


I finished my door to door visitation for My Hope on Friday. I’ve made over 40 visits and made about 16 stops on Friday. When I began writing in my journal Friday night, I recorded an inaccuracy. Before I caught my self, I wrote in my journal that my visits were about 50/50 but the still small voice of conscience cried out, “Not true, not true.” So I started recounted my visits and when I had totaled them up, only one person was negative. There was one other who was reluctant to take the flyer but once he understood that the party was at our house and not the church, he took it. Only one man told me that he was not interested and did not want a flyer–one out of sixteen, not 50/50. Why did I assume that my visits were 50/50 between positive and negative? I think it is because our default thinking is set on negative and we have to think a little extra to think positive.

Some people, some very nice people who live very close and read the blog everyday [and that I love dearly], don’t like the new LCBS books and I didn’t like them either when I first saw them. Now I must confess a bad sin for a preacher, I don’t have to make myself study the lessons. These lessons have been speaking to me every week and as I studies Friday night, I made a note of four things we all need:

  • We all need Affirmation–we need to know that someone believes in us. It could be a parent, a friend or even a spouse.
  • We all need Convictions–we need to know where we draw the line, where enough is enough.
  • We all need Courage–enough to stand alone if necessary and enough to confront a person who is in error.
  • We all need to be Careful–People are hurting in more ways than you can imagine. Don’t confront without facts or love. Remember, our goal is restoration or redemption.
  • We all need a Swing and a Gator–just kidding and by the grace of God, I have both and use both. Both were gifts and one of the two is about wore out.

A word of gospel truth: Jesus believes in you. Do you believe in Jesus?


As you prepare your heart for today’s LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY class, make a note of people who have believed in you. One of the reasons you are what you are today is that others have affirmed you along the way. Perhaps you should thank them if they are still around to thank. I thought of three people instantly: My mother, Bro. Inman and Bro. Kidd. Bro. Kidd is the only one still with us here and I will make it a point to visit him in the next two months. Remember my friend George Ray Edwards who is in Health South in Huntsville. Our good friend Tom Bennich fell yesterday going to the mailbox. He cut his knee pretty bad but he should be alright.

Don’t forget the prayer meeting at 8:15…praying for REVIVAL and MY HOPE.

8:15 In Parlor

8:15 In Parlor


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