Stinking Thinking!

October 26, 2013

Pray For MY HOPE

Pray For MY HOPE


“We cannot fight those people! They are much stronger than we are. ”So those men gave a report that discouraged the people. They said, “The land we saw is full of strong people. They are strong enough to easily defeat anyone who goes there. We saw the giant Nephilim people there!  We felt like little grasshoppers. Yes, we were like grasshoppers to them!”


Two types of voices command your attention today. Negative ones fill your mind with doubt, bitterness, and fear. Positive ones purvey hope and strength. Which one will you choose to heed?

~Max Lucado


The Anakim or Nephilim were giants like Goliath. Before the conquest they controlled cities like Hebron which was first called Kirjath-arba and some believe the name came from four Nephilim brothers that either founded or ruled the city. Caleb will eventually conquer this area inhabited by these over sized people. If you remember, King Og of Bashan was Nephilim and his bed was 13 1/2 feet long. Goliath was a descendant of the Nephilim and he was over 9 feet tall. They were intimidating in size but not gifted with coordination or intelligence. With all this in mind, the spies still exaggerated their findings. They said “we looked like insects in comparison” and that was not true. Their report was very negative and very discouraging. The news of their report spread through the camp like a wild fire. The people were so upset that they considered stoning Moses and Aaron. Joshua was taking notes. Forty years later when he leads the Israelites in the conquest of Jericho, he doesn’t allow them to talk. He understood the power of negative thinking. All it would have taken is for one negative Israelite to say, “We can’t do this; it is crazy. It will never work. Where did Joshua come up with this lame idea?”

Don’t kid yourself: there is power in negative thinking; it is a faith killer. Negativity spawns fear and panic. I have seen it stop a movement dead in its tracks. All it takes if for the right person to say, “We can’t do it,” and its over. We all remember what happened to Joshua and Caleb but do you know what happened to the other ten who were fearful and negative? [Numbers 14:37]


  • Matthew Meeting Sunday morning at 8:15
  • Baptism Sunday Morning
  • Cook Out Sunday Night at 5:00…they are saying now that it will get up to 70 Sunday Evening.
  • I will be visiting today {My Hope}. We do appreciate prayer.
  • We had a death on our block yesterday, Elizabeth Smith. I have come to know her granddaughter lately and found this out when I visited her yesterday.
Granddaddy's Helper!

Granddaddy’s Helper!


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