Mountain Moving Faith

September 26, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


The truth is, you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, mountain, fall into the sea.’ And if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, then God will do it for you.

~Mark 11:23, ERV


Every normal person wants to feel a sense of control over the circumstances in their life. No one wants to feel weak and defeated.

~Charles Allen


No person wants to feel defeated or dejected but often times we do. The circumstances that surround us seem insurmountable. Our problems are greater than our resources. These obstacles that stand in our path seem like mountains; too high to scale and too big to move. Jesus has a simple solution to these overwhelming circumstances that intimidate us: “Have faith in God.” He did not say…”Have faith in your abilities…have faith in religion…have faith in the government…have faith in money…nor even, have faith in faith.” He said, “Have faith in God.” Your faith is important but it is not the primary factor; it is God’s faithfulness that enables us to trust Him.

An evangelist from the lower 48 went to Canada to preach a revival. It was in the middle of winter and the pastor took the evangelist visiting. They came to a frozen lake and their prospect was fishing through a hole in the ice out in the middle of the lake. The pastor parks the car and starts across the ice. The evangelist is skeptical, “I’m afraid to walk on the ice, what if it breaks?” The pastor assured him that the ice would not break but the evangelist could not bring himself to take the risk so he stayed in the car. When the pastor returned to the car, the evangelist was ashamed of himself and began to apologize. “I wish I had your faith,” he said. The pastor looked at him and said, “My faith is not what held me up, it was the ice. I could drive my car on that ice and it would not break. It didn’t take any faith for me to  walk on the ice because I have done it many times before. I knew the ice would support my weight: I didn’t have a single doubt.”

God is the ice so to speak: Do you trust him? Has He been faithful in the past? Have faith in God!


We got a surprise last night, Alfred and Wanda Farris dropped in to hear us preach. Alfred and Wanda are old friends from Cherokee, Alabama. Many of you have heard me tell the story about going to Alfred’s place of business to witness to him. He didn’t get saved that day and the truth is, I had nothing to do with his conversion which came years later but the visit did make an impression on him and I don’t suppose either of us will ever forget the experience. Alfred ran an illegal liquor store if you get my drift. I thought my visit to his establishment would shame him and make him think about what he was doing. He welcomed me and took me around to all his customers saying, “This is bro. Jack, my pastor.” I sure my face was very red. I never tried that trick again. Alfred not only got saved, he is now a dyed in the wool conservative and an avid supporter of the DIGEST. Matter of fact, Wanda gave us a check last night for DIGEST postage.

Speaking of DIGEST, we are trying to get the October issue to Alabama mail today. Senior Adult tailgate party tomorrow. This is our last fellowship before Christmas. We are not going to meet in October or November. Our next meeting is our CHRISTMAS PARTY, December 6th. It is a brunch.

We postponed the Senior Adult fish fry because the last week in October is so busy. The men are doing a cook out on Sunday night October 27, We have the Stew on the 30th and Trunk-A-Treat on the 31st. Sunday is also your last day for pencil boxes.