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September 24, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


It is God who rules all, humbling one man and exalting another.

Psalms 75:8, Knox Bible


Our efforts after Christian growth seem only a succession of failures, and, instead of rising into the beauty of holiness, our life is a daily heart-break and humiliation.

~Henry Drummond


Asaph was king David’s praise and worship leader and he is believed to be the author of Psalm 75. He says, “Evermore will I praise the God of Jacob who crushes the pride out of every sinner.” Like the Jews crushed the grapes until every drop of juice was extracted, so God crushes us until every ounce of pride is removed. How does He accomplish this unbelievable goal? He allows us to suffer affliction and humiliation. Nothing is harder on our pride than humiliation. Of course Jesus suffered the greatest humiliation and it was for our sake. Job was humiliated more so than his peers and he did not understand why God allowed such utter humiliation to happen to him while his friends were unscathed. God never gave him an explanation for his ill-treatment but he did in time give him the peace to live with it and wisdom to profit from it.

C.S. Lewis believes and I concur, that there will be a great revealing where everything, all the secrets, will be made public. It will be a baptism of shame, a day of utter humiliation for all as all our secret thoughts and deeds are revealed. Obviously, this thought disturbed me but then I realized it will happen to us all and as Lewis said, it will not take long. On this day of judgment, all the pride will be extracted and we will enter heaven pride-free. There will be no strutting in heaven.


Mary Wilbourn’s surgery went well [Charlie and Debbie’s mom]. We also attended the COLS of Lewis Maples of Priceville. He was a very good man whom I respected and admired. We are having supper tomorrow night. Chick-Fil-A or cheeseburger. We have to know by 10:00 in the morning what you want. It is good to be home and to be back in a routine. We do appreciate the kindness of all who helped us during the Mission Trip. A special thanks to Teddie and Lisa for their kindness. I would like to see DBC sponsor more houses. I believe every family in our church can give at least $400 per year to build a house in Guatemala. The world is a big place and Danville is a tiny place but we can make a difference somewhere and I think Guatemala is as good as any. I think it should be Guatemala because Teddie has the base established and we can work through GRACE MINISTIES. We also need to help them get the feeding center finished. We will concentrate on MY HOPE and LOTTIE MOON this fall but come Winter, I would like to see us focus on the feeding center.

Guatemala, an opportunity for every DBC member to get involved in Missions

Guatemala, an opportunity for every DBC member to get involved in Missions