My Song Is To The Eternal

September 17, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


My song is to the Eternal; He is my strength, and He brought me victory; this is my God, I will thank Him, my father’s God and I will exalt Him. 

~Exodus 15:2, Moffatt


Praise is the privilege of the redeemed and it will be their employment for ever.

~Albert Barnes


The above verse comes from the song of Moses who was filled with ecstatic praise after seeing the miracle of the Red Sea. I didn’t see a parting of waters but I did see a lot of water. When I got back to the apartment and read Exodus 15:2, I thought this expresses the way I feel right now. I want to join Moses is exalting the Eternal, He is my song, my strength and my victory. He is good and worthy of praise.


We had a good day; got rained out about 4:00 I think. We got five houses framed in. I just hope the rain don’t keep us from returning today. I had a good team: Jason, David, Mandy and Renee. Everyone is having a good time. I have a feeling that Mandy and Renee will be back; they had a blast. Everyone worked hard and everyone was tired and hungry when we got back to the Mission House. Jason wants to start a fund to buy GRACE MINISTRIES a army surplus helicopter. One that can transport a team of 20 from the airport and then up into the mountains. The Mission House is at 6,000 and yesterday we went another 3,000 or more. The air was thin and that is hard on an old fat man. The internet is in and out so you may or may not get a blog everyday. Dena took a picture of a little boy wearing a BAMA cap that we had given him. I don’t know how the Chloe bug pic got in there. I did not mean to do it and of course you don’t believe a word I am saying.

photo 2-5 IMG_20130916_165414_310


One Response to “My Song Is To The Eternal”

  1. I will begin taking donations immediately for the helicopter.

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