Rich And Generous

September 8, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


At the moment I have all I need—and more! I am generously supplied with the gifts you sent me with Epaphroditus. They are a sweet-smelling sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God. And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

~Philippians 4:19, NLT


God is never diminished by His giving: the more He gives, the more He has to give. We cannot exhaust His infinite resources.



Alexander the Great died at age 33 but in the few years that he lived, he accomplished phenomenal things. One of the legends regarding Alexander was that he was to take a man’s daughter in marriage and the father of the bride to be asked for a huge dowry. Alexander’s treasurer refused to give the man such a large sum of money. He said, “I will not give you the money without Alexander’s personal consent.” He was shocked at Alexander’s response. When he told him about the huge sum that the father requested, Alexander said, “Let him have it. I like him; he treats me like a king and his request proves that he believes me to be rich and generous.” What do you believe about God? Do your request express the faith that He is rich and generous?


Routine schedule today: Deacon’s at 8:00 LCBS at 9:00 and Worship at 10:15 and 6:00. AM and PM messages out of Matthew 10. I sure that most of you know that I’ve been doing some kidding this week but it has not helped. I thought I might see a spike in readers but we have the same 50 everyday: it does not vary much at all no matter what I say. Actually, people have been very kind to me and one angel did two acts of kindness for me in one day. Come to think of it, I have had a couple of angelic epiphanies this week. God is good. He is worthy of praise. Josh told me the truth yesterday at Landon and Grayson’s ball game, his little girl found my glasses in the grass. My apology to Jaden. Bo Jackson Glenn had a long TD run and Carson Newman got one of the middle right at the end.