Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


“Make your tent bigger. Open your doors wide. Don’t think small!

~Isaiah 54:2, ERV


Plan your work; set definite faraway goals and your life should be imaginative and daring.

~Henry J. Kaiser


James the apostle said, “We have not because we ask not.” Henry Kaiser believed we have not because we want not. We have little faith and we fail to set high and lofty goals. We aspire to do only what is humanly possible and we settle for the common and ordinary. A God-sized, definite, faraway goal that can only be achieved by Divine intervention would super charge our whole body and spirit. It will awaken our imagination and stir our wonder. It will enhance our worship and invigorate our prayer life. It will take the ordinariness out of life. Have you set any God-sized goals or have you settled for the ordinary?


To quote Scar, “Life is not fair.” After pouring my heart out, I get one text and David gets more than a dozen. Thanks for the outpouring of affection, I am overwhelmed. What hurts most, a broken heart or the fact that people don’t care. I can’t even get sympathy from my family. Big Mama took David’s side, “What are you trying to do?” Said she, “Run him off too.” I think we need  to plan a Pastor Depreciation Day and let everyone come down hard on me and get it out of their system. Hey, I can’t worry about this petty stuff, I have a Mission Trip coming up and I need an old suit case. Don’t forget the FRONT PEW SHOWER Sunday for Maggie Stephenson Cunningham and Freddie Wayne. Amy Holt’s grandfather’s Celebration of Life Service is today at 2:00 [Shelton’s]. We also need to pray for our Country.


Bitter Blue Betty had a good quote yesterday….Remember, always be yourself! Unless people don’t like you… Then you should probably change