Potiphar’s Gaffe, Egypt’s Gain!

August 31, 2013

Pray For Revival

Pray For Revival


After Joseph was made the ruler over the house, the Lord blessed the house and everything that Potiphar owned. The Lord also blessed everything that grew in Potiphar’s fields. The Lord did this because of Joseph. So Potiphar allowed Joseph to take responsibility for everything in the house. Potiphar didn’t have to worry about anything except deciding what to eat.

Genesis 39:5-6, ERV


The greatest profanity is to declare a situation hopeless.



We are looking at a 13 year time frame from the time Joseph was kidnapped until he became the Prime Minister of Egypt and 12 years, 11 months and 30 days of that thirteen–Joseph was either a slave or in prison. His first few years was spent in Potiphar’s house where he eventually became is estate manager. He ran the entire shooting match and Potiphar prospered with Joseph in charge. You know the story, Mrs. Potiphar was in hot pursuit of the young and handsome Joseph; when he refused to lie with her, she lied about him. Hell hath no furry like a woman who has been scorned and Mrs. Potiphar felt scorned. Potiphar acts like the typical husband, he takes his wife’s word as fact and doesn’t even listen to Joseph’s side of the story. It appears that Joseph is the loser but that is not the case; Potiphar had made the worse mistake of his life. Joseph was highly gifted as a manager and God was with him. Within hours of Pharaoh’s interview with Joseph, Pharaoh declared Joseph to be the most capable manager in all of Egypt.

A couple of ironies here: Joseph the Prime Minister has authority over Potiphar. Do you reckon Joseph make a house call to the Potiphar’s just to clear the air. That is one visit I would have made. Secondly, do you think Potiphar came to his senses and realized what a fool he had been. He owned the most valuable slave in Egypt and he did not put him on the market but had him throw into prison. Pretty dumb but alas, jealous rage can make a man do stupid things.

One point that I want to make–Joseph went from prison to Prime Minister in less than a day. Who thought that was possible? The answer is not one. Nothing is impossible with God.


  • Old Willard is a grass cutting fool; we did six yards yesterday and three of them had not be cut in over a month. It is the first time that I have had to fill up with gas in one day.
  • Remember no Deacon’s meeting. Donuts and coffee at 8:45, LCBS at 9:00 and Worship at 10:15 with Picnic at 6:00
  • We have a toe guessing contest today. If you guess who these toes belong to, you get to sit on the front row at church Tomorrow morning.
Guess These Toes and win a Rose

Guess These Toes and win a Rose

Adam and Jason




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