The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

August 10, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


The Lord commanded this to happen to Judah. In this way he would remove them from his sight. He did this because of all the sins that Manasseh committed. He did this because Manasseh killed many innocent people and filled Jerusalem with their blood. The Lord would not forgive these sins.

II Kings 24:3-4, ERV


The test of morality for any society is what it does for children [or against them].

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


We all know that Manasseh was the worse of the kings, North or South and that God refused to let Judah off the hook due to the atrocities Manasseh committed. Not only did Manasseh flood Jerusalem with pagan Phoenician gods and temples, he was violent and cruel filling the streets of Jerusalem with the blood of the innocent. He aborted his on sons, sacrificing them to the fire.  Killing innocent children is a horrible sin that God does not take lightly. It was Judah’s downfall and it will be ours. For fifty-five long years, Manasseh conducted this brutal reign of terror.

But did you know that Manasseh was born three years in to the extension that God gave Hezekiah. Had Hezekiah not got the healing and the extra fifteen years, Manasseh would never have been born. Makes you think, does it not: perhaps we should be careful what you ask for. Some believe that Hezekiah married Manasseh’s mother, Hephzibah, after the Lord gave him the extension. She was a Phoenician Princess. A little Déjà vu which is French for we’ve seen this before. It’s a lot like the David and Bathsheba thing with her son becoming the favorite because she was David’s favorite. Hezekiah had other sons but he choose the son of Hephzibah because Hezekiah delighted in her. One way or the other, Manasseh was the straw that broke the camels back.


  • James Kyle Lindsey was promoted this morning around 4:30-5:00. He departed very peacefully. 
  • Gregg and Tracey have a new grand boy…Gregory Adam Tucker
  • High Praise for Susan’s LCBS class. They have worked like slaves for two days and they deserve some praise. This has put so much stress on them that we lost two to migraine headaches. They have worked hard and we appreciate those who came and helped them.
  • I’ll be there today for a while and you can bring things but if it is clothes, make sure they are on hangers. We don’t have enough time and woman-power to process boxes or bags.
  • The response has been overwhelming. I think we have as much or more than last year. Thank YOU folks. Mandy didn’t think it would work and I wasn’t sure but I knew if we were to continue doing this, we had to find a way for you to do it without our help and you did.
  • We need to pray for good weather, a loving spirit toward our community and for the presentation of the gospel. Right now, I have no idea what I’m going to say.
  • We will have a full slate tomorrow except no Deacon’s Meeting and we will have Communion for our Evening Service at 6:00.
The Party Is ON!!!

The Party Is ON!!!


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