Bound And Determined

July 25, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


Then they said to Jeremiah, “May the Lord your God be a faithful witness against us if we refuse to obey whatever he tells us to do!  Whether we like it or not, we will obey the Lord our God to whom we are sending you with our plea. For if we obey him, everything will turn out well for us.”

Jeremiah 42:5-6, NLT


Christians don’t tell lies they just go to church and sing them.

~A.W. Tozer


The tiny remnant of Judeans whom Nebuchadnezzar allowed to stay in the land came to Jeremiah the prophet and begged him to intercede for them. They pleaded with him to go to the LORD in their behalf and they promised to obey…“Whatever He tells us to do, we will do it if we like it or not.” Jeremiah assumed that they were sincere and he prayed for ten days. The Lord told Jeremiah to tell them to stay put, trust Him and not go to Egypt. When he told them what the Lord said, they accused him of lying.  They had their minds made up when they came to Jeremiah, they wanted his approval and God’s blessings but they were not sincerely seeking God’s will.  Folks, God is not going to bless our rebellion and disobedience. For the men of Judah, prayer was a formality not a force. They sounded sincere and very spiritual but in reality they are neither. They were bound and determined to carry out their plans even though their plans were in conflict with God’s will.


  • Senior Adult Luncheon today at 11:30 in the parlor
  • Great service last night: I was blown away, my group tripled. I loved it. This makes two straight great services at night.
  • T-Bone and Holli’s baby is still in Huntsville: Joe Wheeler is better.
  • A man by the name of Milton Slate [was a member of Hopewell for years] is in critical condition in HH. Milton was a meat cutter at Kroger when cancer struck him as a young man. He has had multiple surgeries and all kinds of treatment and was in remission for years [I guessing 20 or more] but now the cancer is back and its everywhere. Pray for Milton and also Clayton Clements.
  • Bitter Blue Betty of Twitter said: “England has a Royal Family, we have a royal pain.”

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