The Chaldeans Are Coming

February 2, 2013

MyHope coming November 2013

SCRIPTURE: This is the word of the Eternal, the God of Israel…The Chaldeans are coming. [Jeremiah 33:4a-5a, Moffatt]

QUOTE: Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. ~Thomas Jefferson [I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude]

COMMENTARY: Jeremiah was confined to the guard-house [jail] when this message came to him. The title of the message is “The Chaldeans Are Coming.” No one wanted to hear Jeremiah’s message because it contained no good news. Jeremiah said the Chaldeans are coming and when they arrive, they will [1] kill [2] destroy [3] and enslave. No one wanted Jeremiah to be right including Jeremiah but he was right…his message was from God and the Chaldeans came. They filled Jerusalem with dead bodies, they destroyed the temple and all the palaces and those who survived were enslaved.

I don’t see a lot difference between the Chaldeans and the democrats. They are killing the unborn. They are destroying every vestige of God. They don’t want Him in the Pledge of Allegiance, in the class room, court room, court-house or on the public square. They hate the name of Jesus unless it is used profanely. If they could, they would do away with Christmas just as Hitler did in Germany. These pagans worship political correctness and are doing their best to force it on those of us who cherish our freedom to speak the truth. The only sin of the far left is to call sin a sin. Perversion is no longer queer, its gay. Drunks are now alcoholics–it is a sickness not a sin. It’s the only sickness I know that comes in a bottle or can. These modern day Chaldeans speak of slavery with disdain, frowning on Washington and Jefferson and yet they are enslaving an entire culture even as they speak. Economic slavery may be more dangerous than the slavery practiced by our forefathers. At least those slaves knew they were slaves. The dupes today who bow at the feet of big government don’t even realize they are enslaved. They are right where the democrats want them: totally dependent on government.

Like Jefferson, I prefer dangerous freedom over the peaceful slavery. If you created a composit brain from all the politicians in Washington, it would be still be inferior to Jefferson’s.

EXTRA: Darlene’s mom was much better as of last night but Michelle was not feeling well. I want you to keep praying for Michelle and her family. They are in a storm that most of us have never faced. Robert Pope is feeling much better after his shoulder surgery. I think I might have said knee yesterday but it was shoulder. My brother in Athens is better but he wants us to continue to pray. We had a good turn out for our Senior Adult Fellowship. I thought we would be down but I was wrong.


One Response to “The Chaldeans Are Coming”

  1. Amen brother! People don’t want to hear what you wrote but, I fear no truer words have been written.

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