Isaiah [God is Salvation]

August 30, 2011

SCRIPTURE: But He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; upon Him was the punishment that made us whole, and by His bruises we are healed. {Isaiah 53:5, NRSV}

QUOTE: Isaiah describes the mysteries of Christ and His church so vividly that one would assume that he was not prophesying about the future but composing past events. Jerome {342-420}

THOUGHT: God can only be related to by faith and the same is true of His word. Without faith, no one will be able to accept the truth that is revealed in Scripture.

COMMENTARY: I love the prophet Isaiah and the fact that God used him to pin some incredible prophecies. Predictions that the unbelieving world cannot accept. When I was in Seminary in the early 70’s, the O.T. Professors were teaching that there was three Isaiah’s. Their problem was that he predicted the rise of the Babylonian Empire over 100 years before it actually happened and he called by name {Cyrus} the first ruler of the Persian Empire which did not take place until 550 BC. The liberal view was that there was no way possible for Isaiah to be that accurate. Bless their hearts: liberals are long on intellect and short on faith. They think that the bible is inspired in spots and that they are inspired to pick out the spots. I have a question for the libs, was there a 4th Isaiah? Read Isaiah 53 which is forbidden in Jewish circles today and tell me how the man [1st, 2nd, or 3rd] describes the passion of Christ. I’ll tell you how: Isaiah was moved by the Holy Spirit and he spoke from God. His prophecy was not a matter of his own interpretation [II Peter 1:20-21]. He wrote vividly about Cyrus, John the Baptist and Jesus and yes that would be impossible for a mere man but Isaiah was not merely a man, he was an anointed prophet of God. Let me share Isaiah 40:8 in the JEV, “The liberals doubt and the unbelievers scoff but the word of God will stand forever.”  



Bailey Bunch At Joe David's Ordination Reception

EXTRA: Dian Penney had to have emergency surgery [appendicitis] last night at Decatur General. Surgery went OK . You might want to google “elenin”. It is the comet that is coming between the earth and the sun sometime in September or October. Some of the preachers believe what they seen on YouTube. They think it is a dwarf star which has an electro magnetic field. I tend to think it is a comet but it is a stark reminder of how soon the end could come and how easily God could change the entire world in a few seconds. I’ll talk about it tomorrow, LORD willing. A dwarf star could put us back into the dark ages and I personally don’t want to go there.