Presence Trumps Presents

August 26, 2011

SCRIPTURE: The daughters of Jerusalem say, “We will remember your love more than wine”.¬† [Songs of Solomon 1:4]

QUOTE: Jesus loves each of us as if there  were only one of us and He loves each of us with all His heart. [Adapted from St. Augustine]

THOUGHT: Dwelling in His presence is greater than His presents. We must come to love Christ for who He is, not what He does.

COMMENTARY: Wine is a symbol of JOY and is one of the many gifts of our Savior. However, His presence is greater than his presents. We should cherish His love more than His gifts. When my father was promoted in 1995, it left my mother lonely. As I was thinking about what to get her for Christmas, it suddenly dawned on me that she did not really want my presents, she wanted my presence. That is when I began the tradition of spending Christmas Eve with my mother. Oh that I loved Christ the way my mother loved me. In John Martino’s book, I Was Castro’s Prisoner, he tells of Fidel Castro attending the execution of a Christian. The man was to be executed by a firing squad. Castro urged him, “Kneel, and beg for your life”. The believer responded immediately, “I kneel to no man”. A sharp shooter put a bullet through one knee and then the other. Castro said pridefully with a smirk on his face, “See, we made you kneel”. The executioner finished the man off by shooting him in the non-vital parts of the body, thus prolonging his agony and pain. The man never denied Christ. He loved Jesus more than the gift of life itself.

EXTRA: Senior Adult Fellowship today…Birdwell memorial tomorrow…J.D.’s ordination Sunday night.