SCRIPTURE: Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding… {Hebrews 6:1, CEB}

QUOTE: Growth is the only evidence of life. John Henry Newman

THOUGHT: Spiritual growth is accelerated by adversity. Complacency is a deadly foe to spiritual growth.

COMMENTARY: June and I have four children and now eight wonderful grand children: four boys and four girls with two sets of twins. The LORD has blessed us, no doubt about it. Our grand children are now doing what our kids did, they are growing up in a hurry. As grand parents, we don’t rush them but it would be disappointing if they failed to reach their next level of maturity. I remember when our kids were small: we were thrilled when they learned to use the bath room on their own. I celebrated the day that I no longer had to strap them into car sets. Our heavenly Father wants us to grow to spiritual maturity just as we want our kids to grow and mature. There is one big difference. As we mature physically, we should become more independent. Eventually, adult children should not depend on their parents for their basic needs. In the spiritual realm it is the exact opposite; the more we mature, the more dependant we become upon Christ and the Holy Spirit.

EXTRA: I have never seen a month go so quickly as August or a year so fast as 2011. Senior Adult Fellowship this Friday [last Friday of the month]. There is a lot going on this weekend. Seth plays Friday night at Colbert Heights, Big L plays on Saturday at Gillott/Turrrentine Field and the girls [Lara and Lexi] are in a Cheering competition at Trussville on Saturday. June and I will not get to make that trip: we are going to host the Birdwell Service at the church. If you want to help feed the family, call us at the church office today or tomorrow. We will be in the kitchen on Friday preparing for the Senior Adult Luncheon. Have a great day and thanks for reading the Blog.