SCRIPTURE: He greeted them and showed them His hands and His side. When the disciples saw the LORD, they became very happy. [John 20:20, CEV]  Together you are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of His body. [I Corinthians 12:27, CEV]

QUOTE: The resurrected Christ has two bodies, or two essences – a spiritual and a fleshly essence. Walter Dolan

THOUGHT: In His resurrected immortal body, He ascended to heaven where He makes intercession for the saints as both Son of Man and Son of God. The Church is also his mystical body here on earth. In essence, He has two bodies.

COMMENTARY: Richard Wurmbrand wrote a fantastic devotional journal before he was promoted in 2001. It is based on the Songs of Solomon. I will not lie, the Songs of Solomon has never been my favorite book. As a matter of fact, I have wondered many times had it made the cannon. I have two major problems working against me when it comes to the Songs of Solomon: [1] I am a homophobe [2] and I have a Western mind-set. In eastern culture, especially ancient, men Greeted one another with a holy kiss. You got it, men kissed men. Judas kissed Jesus. I would imagine that all the disciples kissed Jesus. Paul ended four of his epistles with these words…Greet one another with a holy kiss. This is not an injunction for me to kiss all the pretty women and call it holy, this is encouragement to kiss the brethren. The kiss is an expression of affection or love. We are to love the body of Christ. In Luke 7 we find the story of the sinful woman who interrupted a supper by washing Jesus feet, anointed Him with perfume and repeatedly kissing His feet. Jesus said to the host,  “You gave Me no kiss; but she, since the time I came in, has not ceased to kiss My feet.” Hey, you and I might want to kiss Jesus feet when we get to heaven but I don’t think that is Wrumbrand’s point: we are to kiss his feet now. How might we do such a thing with Him in heaven? By humbly expressing our love for His body the church. Are you one of the few that cleans up the mess after a church fellowship? You are kissing the feet of Jesus. Most people just go home. They do not feel that its their place to clean after others. Are you one of the ones who stays in the nursery or Children’s church? You are kissing the feet of Jesus. It takes humility and love to kiss feet. It is OK to be a “Kiss Up” as long as you are kissing up to Jesus.

EXTRA: Today is election day at church: we will be electing Deacons, Trustees and Committee Members. Next Sunday night is Joe David’s ordination. I can’t complain about the weather [heat] because I am reading Richard Wurmbrand’s book. Bro. Richard spent 14 reads in prison back in the days of communism in Romania: 200 men were put in one cell, no fresh air, no toilet facilities, no way to bath and they were forced to drink their on urine and eat their own excrement. There were not allowed to have books and on most occasions, were not even allowed to talk. Can you imagine going 14 years without a decent bath? After reading today’s segment: I was very thankful for our humble abode and even the heat. One antedate: about 10-12 years ago, a local group was going to Russia and ask if I would like to go and I told them yes. The very next week one of them told me, “Jack, you do know that men kiss men in the mouth in Russia”. I was not sure he was telling the truth but I went ahead and scratched. From what little I have seen, I don’t even want to kiss a Russian woman, let alone a man.