The Devil

August 18, 2011

SCRIPTURE: The devil has come down to you with great rage, for he knows he has only a short time. {Revelation 12:12, CEB}

QUOTE: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth will become an act of revolution.” George Orwell

THOUGHT: There are three classes of people according to Leonardo da Vinci, those that see, those that want to see and will see if someone shows them and those who refuse to see.

COMMENTARY: The Revelation is about Jesus Christ so I hesitate to give the devil any ink but he is mentioned in the Revelation and I believe we can learn from John’s vision. [1] The devil does have power but it is not the same kind of power as our LORD Jesus Christ. The devil’s power is based on illusion and his ability to deceive. Do you think that one-third of the angels would have followed him had he not had the ability to convince them that they could win. The devil is a deceiver and via the power of the illusion, he will deceive everyone who is not saved. This false power will become more and more evident as time passes. [2] The devil is a user. He has no affection for humans. Christ uses us but in much different way. When Jesus uses us as His instrument, we are edified and gratified. When the devil uses us, we are vilified and diminished. [3] The devil is out to destroy us because he is full of hate: Christ came to save us because He is full of love. The devil’s agenda is stated clearly in John 10:10, he came to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. A century ago, unbelievers scoffed at passages like 2 Peter 3:10 and then we discovered the atom and the nature of atomic energy. They are not scoffing at this prophecy anymore. The same folks now scoff at the idea that someone can deceive them to the point of leading them into destruction. Without knowing Christ, they believe that they will detect the antichrist by pure logic. Obama has shown us what the end will be like. The world will flock to the antichrist as if he were a savior. He will not be a savior; he will lead all who are not saved to destruction.

EXTRA:  Jacob Birdwell, one of Seth class mates was killed yesterday morning on his way to school. I have been told that he had arrived at school on time but got a call from a friend and went back to pick him up. He was in a hurry and passed in a no passing zone and hit a Tahoe head on. He was in a low rider which means he basically went under the Tahoe. Seth and the entire Senior class are very upset. The shock and grief of the tragedy permeated the campus yesterday. Our hearts go out to Glen and Sue [the grandparents]. Glen use to help Eddie and myself coach baseball. His son Gary [the boys uncle] played with Josh and Joe David.

Channel 48 Spent most of the evening at DHS