Can You Hear?

August 14, 2011

SCRIPTURE: “If you can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying” {Revelation 3:22, CEB}

QUOTE: Fear and rebellion is the static that prevents us from hearing God. [Adapted from Samuel Butler]

THOUGHT: There is a difference between hearing and listening.

COMMENTARY: To hear is to perceive by the ear; to listen is to give attention to closely for the purpose of understanding. Sometimes I hear but I don’t really listen. Hearing is natural, listening is not: we have to work at listening. On the other hand, if you cannot hear than neither can you listen. The real question raised by today’s scripture is: can you hear God speaking? Are you really paying attention? Are you listening?

EXTRA: Block Party 11 is history and what a party. I was so sure that it would not rain that I was terribly disappointed when it did. I just knew the LORD was going to spare us but He sent a deluge to test our faith and everyone passed except me. We had over 1100 registered by 6:15 which is a record. There were twice as many at gate 2 as there was at gate 1. I should have went back to the grills immediately but I still thought we had plenty of food. The Pork Sandwiches are a big hit with workers and party people. Only one major mistake and it was an oversight: we should have used the FORTE for the GRACE BARN. Had we did that and had I not interfered with the cooking; it would have been perfect. A lot of folks don’t register but I am going to guess that we had 1500 and better. Doug did a good job on stage. Someone commenting afterwards that he is in his element on stage at a Block Party and I agree. Everyone did great and I am proud of all. Amy wants the In-mates back next year. They were a lot of help. GREAT JOB CHURCH: I commend YOU!

Standing behind them as they enter the North Gate

Mr. Hardy got a quick bath as soon as the Party started

Look at this line, 300 yards long...beautiful sight