A New Name In Heaven

August 13, 2011

SCRIPTURE: I will also give to each of them a white stone with a new name written on it, which no one knows except the one who receives it. [Revelation 2:17, CEB]

QUOTE: Character is for the most park, habits becoming fixed. C.K. Parkhurst

THOUGHT: A name is a word or combination of words by which a person, place or thing is known.

COMMENTARY: The ancients had a custom to which we are unfamiliar. When a host entertained a guest that he or she really liked, they had the guest name engraved on a white stone and gave that stone to their guest upon departure as a keep sake.  I do not know what the stone looked like but I am told that it was bright white and the word used in the Revelation  is the same used to describe the Angels clothing in the book of Acts. Of course white was a symbol of righteousness, acquittal, acceptance and victory, all of which are good but the interesting thing to me is the word “new”. We will get a new name in heaven that only Christ could give us. Keil and Delitzsch [O.T. Scholars] said, “He who makes the church righteous will utter a new name, fitting the new nature.” Think about it for just a moment. Is not this a pattern we see in scripture. God changed Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel and Simon to Peter. What will my name be in heaven? My mother called me Jack, my father called me Son, I had a brother that called me Jack Ass and my Spanish Teacher called me Juaquin. I will not tell you what my wife calls me but it is not Jack. My kids call me Daddy and my grandkids call me Granddaddy. Sometimes Lexi shortened that to G-Daddy. At church most call me preacher or Bro. Jack but what will Jesus call me? He will give me a new name, an eternal name, what will it be? Isaiah 62:2…“You shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will give.”

EXTRA: This is it, the big day when the church becomes the church. When we go outside the four walls and brush shoulders with the community. Will it happen? If God wills it, it will happen. If He does not, it will not and that is how it should be, amen! We had another great turn out last night. I know we had well over 100 workers. It is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. We have six grand prizes and we usually stick to the $100 rule because they take so long to give away but tonight we will make one exception: we will give away a $50 gift card if that helps. We already have one $100 Target Gift Card courtesy of DENTAL ASSOCIATES of Decatur. Hey it is all coming together.