Real Social Security

August 12, 2011

SCRIPTURE: “I will never leave you or abandon you.” [Hebrews 13:5, CEB]

QUOTE: “The King of love my Shepherd is, whose goodness faileth never;  I lack nothing since I am His and He is mine forever.” Henry William Baker

THOUGHT: Our security is in the fact that Christ loves us unconditionally and that there is nothing we can do to keep Him from loving us.

COMMENTARY: Back in the late 80’s, we had a little girl in child care who was giving the workers fits. Her behavior was never good but one day it got our of hand and they called on me to intervene. I sat the child down and we had a talk. Her name was Beth and I noticed right away that she was really insecure. To be honest, I began the interview with some degree of resentment because Beth was an interruption but before it was over, my entire attitude had changed. Beth and her little brother were what we call Twelve Hour children. They were dropped off at 6:00 am and picked up at 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Trust me folks, this is never a good sign. Beth and her brother went to bed one night and the next morning their father was gone. Beth had not seen him since. Her little brother couldn’t even remember him. Beth’s mom was stressed to the max, immature and struggling to make ends meet. She was also lonely but having two kids makes it tough to date so she allowed men to come to her mobile home. To her boy friends, the kids were an inconvenience and baggage. The mom was desperate for a husband and the kids were not helping anything. Obviously, the mother had made it clear to Beth that it was she and her brother that was keeping her from getting a husband. These are Beth’s word…”I am afraid that my brother and I will wake up one morning and mom will be gone just like daddy”. I had met Beth’s mom a few times and I feared that Beth was telling the truth but I did not dare confess my fears to Beth. I assured her that her mother loved her and that she would never consider leaving she and her brother. Humans are fickle and undependable but not our Savior. He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and you can count on it. What a wonderful promise.

EXTRA: BLOCK PARTY set up going great. We will finish the fences this a.m. Games are in place. Grace Barn will be organized tonight. The Sheriff’s Drug Van is already on site and the Blood mobiles will be coming in this evening. The dumpsters, porta-johns are all in and the coke wagons will be coming in this a.m. By tonight, it will look like there is going to be a party. OK FOLKS, here is the game plan. Don’t watch TV. Don’t listen to the weather. Have faith in God. He controls the weather. Commit the party to HIM. Pray for His will to be done. I have peace. It is HIS party and if He chooses to rain it out, there is a reason. May His will be done and may He get glory, rain or shine.


M.D. taking a break at Hackleburg

Bree posing for the camera