August 11, 2011

SCRIPTURE: The child grew up, becoming strong in character. [Luke 1:80, CEB]

QUOTE: The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right. William Safire

THOUGHT: Character is harder to recover than it is to keep.

COMMENTARY: Character is the aggregate features that form the individual nature of a person or thing. An aggregate is a collection of particulars. Today’s verse is in reference to John the Baptist, a man of character; just look at the list of particulars. [1] John was John: he didn’t try to be different, he was different. No Southern Baptist church today would call him as pastor: he had a beard, no wife, he didn’t dress like a preacher, he didn’t attend social functions and he had a habit of telling the truth. It is the fact that he did what was right that made him so different. [2] John was committed passionately to a cause that was larger than life. John knew that he was expendable. He understood that it was not about him. He prepared the way for Jesus. [3] John was not polished or flashy: he never performed one miracle but everything he said about Jesus was true. John referred to himself as “a voice” not “the voice”. He never made any attempt to rob Jesus of His glory. [4] John was faithful. He was faithful in preaching the word, point people to Christ and standing on truth. Some preachers feel that John got what he deserved for dabbling into politics but I strongly disagree. Herod was a hedonist and he needed to be called out. John is my hero. Our country would not be in the shape it is in today if we didn’t have so many sissies in the pulpit who are afraid of being politically incorrect. Not too many weeks ago, a fellow pastor showed me a letter [unsigned] from an angry democrat who professes to be a Christian. This man’s mind is so warped that he said, “You preachers need to stick to the gospel and let the government handle abortion. You have been fighting it for twenty years and you haven’t accomplished anything so why don’t get back to the bible”. If there was an IGNORANT award, I would favor this poor idiot receiving it. The bible is laced with condemnation for abortion. If John was still here on earth and behind a pulpit, he would shout loud and clear, “America, stop the slaughter of the innocent unborn”. Trust me folks, John would not be fan of CNN or the Clinton’s or the Carter’s. John had something they don’t have, character!

EXTRA: Great work night last night: huge turn out and we got a lot done. We will be working again tonight: same time 6:00-8:00. Not as much to do tonight. Clean out amphitheater and set up some of the games that rain will not hurt. Don’t be watching weather. Pray about the weather. We don’t want to look to Egypt for help: trust the LORD. This is His party and He can rain on it if He wants to. You have to give it to HIM or else you will worry and that would be a sin. I’m not sure about working in Grace Barn tonight. I will do a Phone Tree after I meet with Mandy.