August 7, 2011

SCRIPTURE: “Jesus looked up“…{John 11:41, CEB}

QUOTE: I had the blues cause I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.–Persian Proverb

THOUGHT: Perspective is what you see based on your attitude or ideas. A positive mindset sees the glass half full while the negative thinker sees it half empty. Our perspective plays a huge roll in our success.

COMMENTARY: Some years ago a sociologist accompanied a group of mountain climbers who were on a climb that took several days. The observant sociologist noticed a distinct mood shift when the mountain top was shrouded with clouds and nothing above was visible. During these dark times, the men were focused on what was below. When the clouds would move away and make the mountain peak visible, they would immediately cheer up. Everything depends on your perspective. Jesus had the right perspective because He looked up not down. In John 11, He is looking up to the Father in prayer. In John 13, He is looking up at His disciples as He washes their feet. Jesus had the right perspective because He had the right attitude. This is very true in worship: if we go into worship focused on ourselves or others, we will leave the same way we came, unchanged and unchallenged. If we go in focused on Christ; His goodness, greatness, generosity and grace, we will experience His life changing power.

EXTRA: The DBC Team did great on BLOCK PARTY 1 at Hackleburg. Words cannot express my gratitude and pride in how you conducted yourself. A pastor could not ask for a better team. Those pork sandwiches with Big Daddy’s mustard sauce are out of this world.

Our Honorary Block Party Host and Hostess: Margaret and M.D. Prater

Willard and Joe on the ends: Victim in the middle

Two bossy little heifers: both think that they are in "charge"

The real Heifer in Charge

Kids had a blast!