August 4, 2011

SCRIPTURE: Looking around at them with anger, deeply grieved at their unyielding hearts, He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” [Mark 3:5, CEB]

QUOTE: The only way to be angry and sin not is to be angry with sin. –Matthew Henry

THOUGHT: It is not anger but the object of our anger that determines our sin.

COMMENTARY: Three times in the N.T. Jesus gets angry: [1] Abuse at the Temple [2] At the tomb of Lazarus and here [3] The healing of the man with a paralyzed hand. Why did Jesus get angry? I’m not sure anyone knows for certain but we are allowed to guess. At the cleansing of the Temple: I think Jesus was angry with the corrupt establishment and how they were unjustly using the temple to profit and at the expense of the poor. At the tomb of Lazarus, I think He could have been angry with death itself and how it reeks terror on the human race but here in Mark three, I don’t think there is any question: Jesus is angry because those that should care don’t. The Pharisee’s are professing believers, church goers and they should have cared about the man with the paralyzed hand. They should have rejoiced when Jesus healed him. Sad truth is, they didn’t give a rip about the man or his hand, the only thing they were concerned with was their personal agenda. It is their gross insensitivity that angers Jesus. We are supposed to care for the hurting just like Jesus. We should love everyone that He loves.

EXTRA: Our power has been out since about 12:30 this am so I am on generator now and I am going to post or attempt to and then check it out at the office. You may get this, you may not.