SCRIPTURE: Jesus said to them, “All who want to come after Me must say no to themselves, take up their cross, and follow Me. All who want to save their lives will lose them. But all who lose their lives because of Me and because of the good news will save them.” [Mark 8:34-35, CEB]

QUOTE: What we see as the ultimate tragedy [death], Jesus sees as the ultimate triumph. –Max Lucado

THOUGHT: We want to live not die. I’ve lost 31 pounds because I want to live. Jesus however, says that we must die to live. It is the opposite of how we think.

COMMENTARY: Preacher’s focus on the death of Christ. We had communion ┬álast night and the focus was on Christ death. We all know that His death was necessary for our salvation but what we seldom overlook is that our death is also necessary for our sanctification. Christ died to sin: actually He died because of sin, to sin, and for sin but He demands that we die to self. Are you determined to do things your way instead of His way. Are you bent on your will instead of His will. Are there some things that need to be executed in your life in order for you to serve Him. Are you more committed to your cause than you are to His? I’ll tell you exactly what you need; it is the same thing that I need, you need His grace. “FATHER, make us unhappy with our life. Bring us to the point that we are willing to die to self in order to live for YOU. In Jesus name we pray, amen!”

EXTRA: Below are pictures of the group that I ┬áchat with at McDonalds each Sunday morning when I go to get the biscuits for the deacons. Most of them are Methodist. One of them married a Danville girl [Elaine Holladay, Gregg’s cousin and Kenny’s sister]. These guys are a lot of fun. They pick at me but it does me good. I look forward to seeing them when I walk in the door. The bottom picture is of the senior fellowship. We were down again this month. We need the younger seniors to get involved.

You never know when you get up what a day will bring: when I got to church yesterday, I got sad news and when I got home I got more. Jarod Moore [21] died early Sunday morning. This is Timmy Morgan’s nephew. Jarod’s mom Joyce is Timmy’s sister. Jarod’s dad is Dewayne but we all call him Moe. Moe works at G.E. Both are in deep, deep grief. Pray for this family. I don’t know any of the arrangements. There is a lot of irony in life. Sometimes God awakens us to true reality by letting us experience some of the pain and grief that others have been dealing with. He is a great God and He knows what He is doing. It will all work out for our good and His glory. We have His word on that so to God be the glory, great things He has done.